Wexelburg picked to lead minor league baseball team coming to Madison

Roger Wexelberg

A minor league baseball team en-route for Madison may not have a new yet, but they do have a new president. BallCorps, LLC announced Tuesday that Roger Wexelberg has been chosen to lead the Southern League baseball franchise team.

Owned by BallCorps, LLC, the baseball team is expected to begin play in 2020 after a planned stadium near I-565 in Madison is complete.

Managing Partner and CEO Ralph E. Nelson, Jr. says Wexelburg is fit to lead the organization.

“Roger’s resume perfectly fit the profile we created for the day-to-day leader of our organization. He has experience building a start-up minor league team, has been through the construction of a new ballpark, and has assembled some of the most productive staffs and sales and marketing teams in sports,” Nelson said, in a news release. “You simply cannot find a more qualified individual to lead our new team in Madison than Roger Wexelberg.”

The newly appointed president shares his excitement about returning to the sport and helping the program.

“I’m excited to be back in the Southern League and look forward to helping bring the fun, affordable, family experience that is minor league baseball back to Madison County and the surrounding area,” Wexelburg said.

Roger and his wife, Jodie, a former front office executive for the NBA’s Orlando Magic, have two children and will be relocating to the Madison area later this summer, according to the release. Wexelberg begins work with BallCorps in Madison July 15 and will also take over as President of the Mobile Bay Bears on October 1.