Ten-year growth plan for Madison approved by Planning Commission

By Jeffrey Abbott

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The Madison Planning Commission agreed to accept the 10-year growth plan for the city on Thursday. The plan is part of a larger master plan for expanding, growing and enriching the city over the next decade and beyond.

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Dennis Madsen and Eric Bosman are two city growth consultants from the Atlanta area that the Planning Commission hired to provide this detailed guideline to future growth. They say the plan contains broad, big-picture plans and directions for Madison, but also contains attainable action items to ensure future implementation of the plan.

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The plan, which is available on the Madison City website (www.ci.madison.al.us), contains an abundance of graphics and renditions of what future development could look like. Plenty of before and after renderings show an exciting future for Madison’s growth.

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“The key thing is – you’re growing, and you have to be able to accommodate that growth,” explained Madsen as he summarized the six key development areas they focused on for the plan. “We don’t want it to turn into another Highway 72.”

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The key areas of development include Midtown Madison, County Line Road, Highway 72, Old Madison Pike, the I-565 Corridor, and the “Western Growth Area,” which covers the areas of Madison that are next to Limestone County.

Development includes new roads to ease transportation, new offices, stores, housing, parks and trails. The plan ensures that Madison can grow comfortably without scrambling to devise plans for city development.

You can download a PDF copy of the Madison growth plan document from the Madison City website.