Students hold mock election between girls and boys

Jack Ondocsin and Sulekha Ramesh with Alabama Senator Bill Holtzclaw and Madison Council-woman Ronica Ondocsin, right.

This week’s national election has naturally been on most everyone’s mind, even elementary students. However, instead of deciding between Obama and Romney for President, the students at Rainbow Elementary School tackled a seemingly bigger issue to them: girls vs. boys.

Rainbow’s fifth graders learned about the election process first-hand with special guests, Alabama Senator Bill Holtzclaw and Madison Council-woman Ronica Ondocsin.

The students were divided into two “parties,” consisting of a boys’ party and a girls’ party.  They separated into classrooms where Senator Holtzclaw coached the boys’ party and Councilwoman Ondocsin coached the girls’ party.

The final two competing candidates were able to develop slogans with the help of their classmates, make campaign posters and brainstorm with their peers what they were going to present to their entire fifth grade.

Representing the boys was Jack Ondocsin, and Sulekha Ramesh was selected to represent the girls.

Both candidates gave their speeches to the full student body.  Then, students were able to voluntarily vote.  Ballots were counted by Rainbow volunteers.

Just as in the national election, the Rainbow election was very close. The boys narrowly edged the girls in most votes.

This event was sponsored by the Rainbow PTA.