School superintendent says completing your child’s school re-enrollment this week is vital

By Superintendent of Education Robby Parker


I have enjoyed the first few weeks of summer, but I am ready for everyone to get back in school. Schools just aren’t the same without the kids. We took a family trip to New York, and while it was exciting to see all the sites, I’m SO GLAD to be back home.
I told the Board last night if you ever hear that I’m moving to New York or have applied for a job there, it’s a lie!!! I love Madison. I am a Madison guy to the core.

I’d like to make one more appeal to please re-enroll your children. Only one week remains before the six-week re-enrollment window closes on June 29. Those who don’t re-enroll will be withdrawn and face having to start the process all over again, which is much more time consuming.

Re-enrollment is required for every student returning to Madison City Schools next year. We still have nearly one-fourth of our students who have not begun the online re-enrollment process. Please do so as soon as possible.

To the 7,500 students who have completed or at least started the re-enrollment process, I thank you. Re-enrolling gives us an accurate student count for staffing decisions. It also ensures that your child is in the proper school zone and that our contact information is up to date.

Here is the link to our online re-enrollment page in our registration tab.

It is very important that returning students do NOT create a new registration account in SchoolMint. If you have forgotten your username from previous years, you can email for help.

For those of you who are leaving Madison City Schools, please email to inform us as to where your child will attend school next year.

Thank you to every one of you for all you do. I am sorry if this process is any burden at all on you. I hope you understand that it is so important for a growing and desirable school system like ours.

Robby Parker
Madison Superintendent of Education