New business offers healthy lifestyle in Madison area

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With the new school year only days away, Tennessee Valley residents are gearing up everywhere for summers end which means stricter schedules and added day-to-day stresses.

A new Madison business opened last week that may have just the solution to some of challenges of the daily grind.

Yoga Fire in Madison is offering a new, customer-centered concept of yoga practice, which focuses on the needs of each individual, while incorporating some of the latest trends for yoga enthusiasts and beginners alike, including a new hot yoga class the studio offers, called Ignite.

The business’ website, states that their goal is to “ignite passion for healthy living”.

Jessica Glassman, Yoga Fire founder and instructor said, “I have always wanted to create a space for people to create positive change in their lives since I started practicing yoga. A year ago I attended a healthy living support group Crystal had developed–after one of those meetings we both shared about our businesses and the direction we were going as we discussed our common vision to create a wellness community.

Health coach and Yoga Fire business partner, Crystal Kiss, shared her own thoughts about their uniquely designed services to the community.

“When I began coaching, clients contacted me for various goals they were working towards– over time our sessions would all have a common theme: their health. If they weren’t feeling healthy, all other areas of their lives suffered. My focus on health & wellness is to support each client in their foundation.”

They found themselves creating what they now describe as a “wellness community” where they promote a culture of supportive camaraderie and developing self-awareness for their clients.

“Remember, we’re a community, with the common goal to ignite our passion for healthy living—clients don’t need to worry about how they look or perform if they’re new,” Glassman said.

In addition to the in-demand, Ignite hot yoga classes, they offer Intro classes for beginners, Increase – a popular practice they’ve developed out of studios in New York City and L.A., an Intimate candlelit class to enhance body and breath awareness, as well as Pilates and Vinyasa Flow yoga classes.

With a broad array of yoga instruction, health coaching and future plans for in-house massage therapy, Glassman wants “to offer many styles and teachers so people can find their own practice, with the help of capable instructors who offer clients a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips.”

“Everyone seeks out a yoga class for their own reasons: weight loss, flexibility, pain management, de- stressing, mental clarity, emotional well-being. Whatever clients are seeking, I want to help them find it in the way that’s right for the individual.”

Yoga Fire will host an Open House on Saturday August 18th, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. with free yoga class demonstrations, door prizes, studio tours, free chair massages and a complimentary beverage and appetizer buffet.

The studio is located at 1874 Slaughter Road, Madison, Al 35758 near University Drive and is open Monday- Saturday. More information available at or call 256.399.YOGA

By Sharon Howarth

Sharon Howarth is a freelance writer who frequently focuses on personal health and alternative health subjects. She is an autism advocate, a member of the Association of Health Care Journalists and is the editor of the Autism Media Report and Live with Autism sites, on the web.