Mitchell signs to wrestle for Western Wyoming University

image1 (2)Hundreds of hours dedicated to becoming a good high school wrestler is required to join the few who can claim to be an elite athlete in the sport of wrestling. Daishun Mitchell has accomplished the feat…twice.

Wrestling since age 11, Mitchell was well on his way to superstardom among the ranks of high school wrestling when during his sophomore season in a match against a wrestler from Hoover High he suffered a severe concussion that kept him from the sport for several months. The dedicated teen had to completely relearn his craft and just recently capped off his years as a high school athlete by signing a full-ride scholarship to wrestle for Western Wyoming University.

“I had to relearn to be a wrestler just from the very basics, which was very difficult,” said Mitchell.

The senior at Bob Jones completed his prep career with the Patriots with an overall record of 103-45. The four-year starter was a Sectional champion and two-time state qualifier. In his just completed season, the 5-foot-7, 132-pound Mitchell lost in the semi-finals of the State Tournament, which was a big disappointment at the end of his reign in high school athletics, but the scholarship offer and thus acceptance made the loss nothing more than a past memory.

“I had sent videos of me wrestling to about 15 schools and when the Mustangs offered me a full ride I jump on it,” said Mitchell, the only child to Lashunda Mitchell. “My mom and I just returned from visiting the school.”

Western Wyoming is located in Rock Springs, Wyoming, population 38,000, along Interstate 80 in the southwest section of the state.

Mitchell was introduced to the sport of wrestling while he was in sixth grade when members of the Bob Jones coaching staff and team roster visited Discovery Middle School. His mother had received an e-mail about the visit and encouraged her son to check out the sport as he was playing football, but knew his small size would keep him from receiving a lot of playing time in that sport. Mitchell said of his introduction to wrestling, “I tried it and liked it. Although I didn’t do very well at first, the coaches at Bob Jones were very supportive. I had never had a coach tell me I could be good at a sport.”

Mitchell immediately signed up for wrestling and through many hours of hard work admitted his biggest improvement from day one was his ability to focus and obtain the mindset to work hard. His knowledge of understanding the sport that will give you what you put into it led him to his success.

He almost never got back into wrestling after suffering his concussion injury that stemmed from being kicked in the head. Matter of fact, his life was turned almost upside-down as he was not allowed to do school work or watch video games and certainly not participate in any athletics. “I just sort of moped around and complained all the time,” said Mitchell. “The day after I was cleared to begin wrestling again I jump right in, but it was certainly an experience where I had to relearn just about everything.”

Maybe just the fact he learned the sport twice is why he’s been able to achieve his place among the elite wrestlers in the history of the Bob Jones wrestling program.