Madison schools to offer free flu vaccine for students

The following is a statement sent to parents of students in the Madison School System.

Madison City Public Schools are going to “teach flu a lesson” with a free no-shot vaccine for students.

If you haven’t had your child vaccinated yet against the flu, take advantage of this painless prevention program.

Family Health Clinic of Union Springs Inc., an Alabama based Vaccine for Children Provider, will be offering FluMist, a vaccine that is sprayed into the nostrils rather than administered by shot.

The vaccines will be administered Monday, Jan. 14 at each school. Children must have a signed permission slip from their parent or guardian. Those forms will be available later this week.

The vaccine will be provided with no deductibles or out of pocket expenses. Blue Cross Blue Shield, AllKids, Medicaid or other private insurance will be billed. Children with no insurance will be provided the vaccine for free. Children covered by the state teachers’ PEEHIP insurance plan are not eligible.

For the health of Madison schools students, faculty, and your family, we encourage you to obtain a flu vaccination for your child with their healthcare provider or take advantage of this program.

A parent consent form must be completed in full for a child to receive the FluMist in this program. Students with pre-existing medical conditions cannot participate and should thus schedule a vaccination with their pediatrician.