Madison Memories – Brewer Gin

Madison was founded as a railroad town, developed along the route of the Memphis & Charleston Railroad in the mid 1850’s. When pioneers came in the early 1800’s they chose to stay because of abundant springs and rich soil. These conditions were conducive to cotton farming. Madison has had four cotton gins throughout the years: Brewer Gin, Home Gin, Planter’s Gin and Whitworth Gin, also known as Farmer’s Gin. Brewer Gin and Planter’s were steam operated. Remnants of Brewer Gin can be seen today looking east from Church Street near the railroad track. Photos are Whitworth/Farmer’s Gin operations in the 1950’s. Please share posts from so more people can join us as we move into 2019, the year of Madison’s 150th and Alabama’s 200th anniversaries.