Madison City Schools will turn to the community for critical safety funding

Madison City Schools has a plan to make students more secure, but they will turn to the community to get it done.

Superintendent Robby Parker said they need to move fast: “I don’t think we can wait,” he commented at a Thursday board of education meeting.

Parker proposed adding 6 Madison Police School Resource Officers and an additional few mental health counselors in order to cover what he calls “gaps in coverage.” Parker has said for months he wants to see a school resource officer in every school, with two in each high school.

“If something bad happened, we want trained professionals in our schools,” he explained.

But to instate his plan, the district would need to pay those personnel. The cost: $755,500.00. Parker said that’s the equivalent of 10 teaching units. The problem, he outlined, is that the district doesn’t have money to pay for those officers and counselors. Click here to continue reading story.