JCHS theater/health students stage mock wreck for impaired driving lesson before prom

In a move to warn about the dangers of impaired or distracted driving, students are producing a PSA at James Clemens to drive home that point.

The simulation and filming took place Tuesday on the front lawn of the school with the help of the Madison police and fire departments.

Mangled cars were placed in a head-on collision configuration to simulate an accident. JCHS advanced drama students posed as occupants, all bloodied and injured.

The wounds were the work of drama students using fake blood and scar makeup.

The activity provided a great learning component as well.

Students from the Health Science Internship class were first responder and medical personnel getting exposure to a trauma scene. Theater students also acted as parents, bystanders and reporters arriving at the scene.

Video work for the PSA was done by JetsPress, the school’s video production/communications class. The PSA was aired school-wide on Friday, the day before prom, to give students something to think about.

For more photos download the pdf version of Madison Weekly News by clicking here.