HEMSI seeing more emergency calls

hemsi-careersIn a recent meeting, Huntsville Emergency Medical Services, Inc., or HEMSI, met with elected officials to update them on what’s happening within the organization. One of the big topics: the increase in the number of calls.

“We do have an increase in call volume because we do have an increase in population,” said HEMSI CEO, Jon Howell.

As Madison county experiences growth, HEMSI needs to meet the demand. It’s not just people moving to the Rocket City; it’s the ones staying as well.

“Our population is aging some too,” said Howell. “So our call volume is going up, and we’re having to add resources to be able to keep up with that increase in volume.” http://whnt.com/2017/06/29/hemsi-seeing-more-emergency-calls-needing-to-add-more-resources/