Gaming for a good cause

gamers copy (WHNT) — It’s a gaming marathon lasting 24 hours, but the competitors are playing for more than a mere win.

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Some people in Madison are in serious game mode this weekend. Fingers have been gripping controllers since eight o’clock Saturday morning. They plan on stopping at eight o’clock Sunday morning.

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The games range from video to card games. While some of them have been there for hours, and others only for a few minutes, event organizer Russell Newquist says it doesn’t matter. Either way, they’re doing more than just playing. “What we’re doing is raising for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, so we’re taking donations from anybody who comes in,” Newquist says, “We’re asking at least five bucks or so for anybody who comes.”

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The marathon is part of a charity event called Extra Life. “All of the money goes directly to the hospitals,” Newquist says, “the Extra Life charity doesn’t keep any of it. One hundred percent of it goes to the hospitals, and they use it to help sick children who otherwise can’t afford treatment.”

Even though the games have started you can join up at any time throughout Saturday night and Sunday morning. You don’t have to stay for the whole 24 hours. If you aren’t good at video games, Newquist says not to worry. “You name it, any game you want to play,” he says.

Newquist says they held this event last year, and plan on another one next year.