Family unable to visit inmates in Madison County jail until further notice, as facility upgrades system

16136664-standardThere are changes coming to the Madison County Detention Facility. But, until the technology updates are finished, families aren’t able to visit the inmates.

This temporary delay is because new video visitation technology is being installed in the Madison County jail.

“The original equipment the facility was built with is still being used,” Maj. Troy Fulk, Jail Administrator, said. “So, we saw a need to upgrade the video visitation for the inmates.”

Maj. Fulk said the jail has always used video visitation as a way to keep relationships between inmates and their families.

“You would come in, you would make an appointment, the inmate gets notified of the appointment,” Maj. Fulk explained. “The inmate in the dorm would go up to a screen, pick up a phone, like a phone call, but there’s a video monitor there. Then, [the family members] sit in a room and pick up the phone, and they’re looking at a screen as well.”

Fulk said video visitation is the same method the jail will use for appointments in the future.