Dr. Fowler’s update on the water repairs and school closing; events for tomorrow could be affected

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I’ll try to bring you up to speed with all the ins and outs of the water concern and closing of BJHS and DMS.

Last night after our Board meeting, I noticed that I had received several “nixle” reports from the Madison Police Department regarding a water break near McAdo and Eastview Drive.  I live in the affected area and at bed time we had no water pressure.  During the night, I got out of bed to let the dog out. Out of curiosity I turned on the faucet and was pleased to see that there was a trickle of water. Fast-forward to this morning. Mr. Pounders, the manager of Madison Utilities, called to update me on the situation. He stated that water would be restored by mid morning, but the highest elevations would be the first to receive water. The biggest concern that I had was the need to boil drinking and cooking water as recommended by Alabama Department of Environmental Management. Also, if the entire system at either school (all the water pipes) were drained that would constitute another health concern.

This morning before we made the decision to have a delayed opening, Madison Utilities tested the water pressure at BJHS and DMS. Both still had pressure. Therefore, we felt good about a delayed opening. We placed transportation, food services, and others in delayed opening mode. As the morning progressed the news regarding adding water to the system was not getting better and we decided not to have school. Hopefully, by not having school the pipes at the schools will not be drained. Additionally, we were very concerned about having school and not being able to wash hands knowing that we have a lot of flu in the city. Boiling water was a major concern too. Ever notice that you are not thirsty until there is no water? J

What’s next………. I think the number one question that I have been getting is, “Will we have to make up the day?” I do not know at this time. I will contact the Alabama State Department of Education and get directions. I do not expect to know the answer until next week. BJHS plays basketball at Sparkman tonight. The game is still on. There are some Saturday activities planned at BJHS. We hope to know if they are still on and get the word out by this afternoon.

For those of you that are affected by the water problem, I wish you good luck. It is evident that I did not get a shower this morning…you should see my hair. It has been the joke of the office. J

I hope that you have a good weekend.


PS. I spoke with Mr. Pounders at 11 a.m. The contractor making this repair is moving slower than anticipated.   With that said, water is scheduled to be added to the system in the next few minutes if there are no further complications.


Dr. Dee O. Fowler
Superintendent of Education
Madison City Schools