Decatur defeats Sparkman in Thursday night football

Decatur 48-Sparkman 3

Last night, in the battle for a first win, Decatur kicked off first, but that would be the last time they watched good things happen to the other team. It was all Decatur: all the offense, all the defense, all the trick plays and then the backups came in and did their jobs well. Decatur seemed to be talking back to all the naysayers and Sparkman didn’t have an answer.

In their first series Sparkman fumbled the ball on a fourth and one on a Quarterback sneak which Decatur recovered and promptly marched down the field. Decatur then suffered its own fumbling problems, but with a better result. After a seven yard loss on the fumble and a pass interference penalty called against Sparkman, Bejuan Clack snagged a pass from Will Laughlin for a touchdown.

So the pattern was set. On its ten possessions, Sparkman punted 6 times, missed two field goals, threw an interception and made one field goal. Decatur, by contrast, scored seven times, punted once and took a knee to end the first half as time ticked away.

In the first half, Decatur’s dominance was apparent: the Red Raiders had 234 yards of total offense and had made 11 first downs. The second half continued the trend, with Decatur scoring almost at will, even after the second string players had their numbers called.

Decatur takes on Buckhorn next Friday and Sparkman will try for its first win against Hazel Green.