Current students must re-enroll before end of June or face withdrawal

Summer is here and school is probably the last thing on your mind. However, it is very important to know that you must re-enroll your child even if he or she attended Madison City Schools this past school year.

Superintendent Robby Parker stressed the importance of student re-enrollment for several reasons. About one-third of the students expecting to return have not been re-enrolled.

One reason re-enrollment is critical is because of the big number of falsified address that were found this school year.

Hundreds of students were found attending Madison City Schools when they are really zoned for another school district.

Parker says this costs tax payers a lot of money.

“This year we found there were about 250 people at least that we found, that are going to school here that dont belong here. That right there is over half a million dollars that the citizens and children that live in the city have lost,” said Superintendent Robby Parker.

Another reason re-enrollment is important is because it helps make sure every student has a seat in the classroom.

Re-enrollment is required for every student returning to Madison City Schools next year. It only takes a few minutes. The deadline is June 29. However, complete it early and be done with it. Failure to re-enroll will result in your child being withdrawn.

Parker adds the school district will continue to verify all 11,000 student information to make sure they live within the district.

Re-enrollment can be completed online at