Civil War re-enactment being held in Bridgeport this weekend



Bridgeport, which is about an hour and a half drive from Madison, is under siege, or at least it seems like it March 24-25 as hundreds of civil war re-enactors are in town.

It’s just a quiet, beautiful, open field most of the time, but in a few days the area will be abuzz with activity and gun shots.

“We try to keep it fresh for the young people, especially for the young people to realize what really happened,” said Glenn Hill, of the Siege at Bridgeport 2012.

150 years ago, the city really was under attack.

“They fought over the bridge going into Chattanooga going over the Tennessee River,” said Merilyn Hill, of the Siege at Bridgeport 2012.

For 18 years the folks of Jackson County have been re-enacting the Siege here on the Williams Family farm in Bridgeport. It has become the largest Civil War re-enactment in the State of Alabama.

“We have people from Florida, Kentucky and Mississippi that come. Even guys as far away as Michigan that come. We’ve had as many as 30 cannons on the field and as many as 1,800 re-enactors.”

This is the 150th anniversary of the Siege and organizers are hoping for another full field of spectators and re-enactors.

“These people dress the era, the dress the time. They sleep here, they eat era food and they try to portray it such as it was in those times.”

“Still it’s just a weekend to enjoy and do what you want to do.”

The re-enactments are this weekend, Saturday and Sunday.

It will be located on one of the original sites in Jackson County, outside of city limits in Bridgeport, Alabama. Off Highway 72, on County Road 255. Directions will be posted. For more information, go to