City of Madison responds to concerns over lack of communication

pic3Two teens are behind bars after police believe they killed a man behind a Publix on County Line Road. The suspects were located in the woods near an abandoned house on Browns Ferry Road, not far from the scene. Authorities say the two teens were staying at the Three Springs school and were reported as runaways Monday morning.

Police said the crime happened just after 11:00 pm Monday night. Officers said construction workers were working on a renovation project at Publix where they spotted one of their coworkers.

Authorities found the victim’s body with significant head trauma, and he was pronounced dead at the scene. Madison Police released the identity of the victim as 61-year-old Van Johnson of Riverdale, Georgia.

With the two suspects in custody, residents in the area want to know why there wasn’t more communication about the situation.

Michael Conway said he had no idea there was any danger in the area. His kids were playing outside on Monday, one minute away from Publix.