City of Madison, Alabama City Hall-Annual Operating Budget

We want to spend your tax dollars wisely and be transparent as to where that money is going. Here’s the official Madison City operating budget for the fiscal year of 2018. You can read in detail on the attached link. But here’s the big picture break down:

-No City services cut
-3% merit raise for employees
-Four (4) Traffic Signals budgeted for Hughes/Gooch, Hughes/Bradford Farms, Hughes Plaza and Countyline/Hardiman
-$500,000 for collector roads – Collector Road Resurfacing, Slaughter, from Farrow Road to Old Madison Pike and Hughes Road from the Railroad overpass to Madison Blvd
-$125,000 for ADA compliance on roads – ADA sidewalk upgrade on Collector Road, Resurface Hughes Road multi-use path.
-Additional Personnel added in Police and Fire
-$303,000 for Storm Water Management
-$856,397 in capital purchases
-$650,000 for neighborhood streets
-$65,000 for ADA compliance on neighborhood streets