Bystander joins ‘serious fight’ with cop to bring down wanted man


A shot from a Taser and several punches from Decatur Police Department warrant officer Tarvius “T.D.” Jones weren’t enough to bring down a wanted man.

A second shot from a stun gun and the help of a bystander finally convinced Ronald William Flick Jr. to surrender to arrest for failing to register as a sex offender, police said.

“It was a serious fight,” Decatur police spokesman Lt. John Crouch said Tuesday. “This guy (Flick) just wouldn’t comply. When suspects are not stopping, you have to get them under control. T.D. punched him. T.D. works out a lot, and he’s very physically fit.”

The fight occurred after Flick ran from Jones, who was in uniform, police said. Flick, 41, was later hospitalized for possibly receiving a head injury in the struggle. Crouch said Flick was released from Huntsville Hospital on Sunday and cleared for transport to jail during a follow-up examination Monday. Jones was not injured.

Crouch said Jones was working off-duty security at the Parkway campus of Decatur Morgan Hospital at 1874 Beltline Road S.W. on Friday night when he received a call that Flick, of 68 Joe Lemmond Road, Somerville, was in the emergency room for an unknown reason.

Crouch said Jones approached Flick, who was wanted in Morgan County for not complying with sex offender registration requirements. Court records show Flick pleaded guilty in 2009 to a 2008 case of first-degree sexual abuse, which police said involved a child under 13.

Morgan County sheriff’s special victims investigator Charles Radke said Alabama’s sex offender registration laws require Flick to register each year during his birthday month, June, and the three following months.

“He failed to register in July,” Radke said. “I swore to the warrant for his arrest Aug. 3.”

Decatur police Sgt. Justin Lyon, who oversees the department’s sex offender registration, contacted Jones after an informant told authorities Flick might be in the Parkway ER.

Police said Flick gave Jones a fake name, so the officer asked him to come outside, away from the people in the hospital.

Crouch said Flick ran when Jones reached for his handcuffs.

Jones chased Flick and brought him to the ground with his Taser, according to a Decatur police statement.

“T.D. got (Flick) with the Taser the first time and got on top of him,” Crouch said. “T.D. dropped the Taser, and Flick kept trying to get it, but he never did.”

Crouch said a bystander, a person the Police Department still is trying to identify, jumped in to help the officer regain control of the Taser.

Flick surrendered after Jones used his Taser a second time, Crouch said.

“He removed the cartridge that lets the Taser deploy the probes so he could use it as a stun gun,” Crouch said. “That lets you put it right on the person and stun them. But even after Flick was handcuffed, he was not compliant. He started getting froggy again and trying to pull away.”

The officer took Flick back into the emergency room, where a physician said the man should be sent to Huntsville Hospital for observation for a possible head injury, according to the police statement.

Crouch said Flick was booked into the Decatur City Jail on Friday night on charges of giving a false name to a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest before he was transported to Huntsville.

Court documents show Flick has been charged three times for failure to properly register as a sex offender since his 2012 release from a four-year prison sentence — once this year, and in 2013 and 2012.

He is being held in Morgan County Jail on $2,500 bail.